Month: January 2014

Duracell battery suppliers

Duracell batteries are the world’s leading brands and the world’s largest battery producer known. Duracell produces alkaline batteries in many regular sizes, such as AA rechargeable batteries and AAA rechargeable batteries are the most popular size but you can also purchase¬†D size rechargeable batteries, C size rechargeable batteries and 9V/PP3 rechargeable batteries.

ImageA Duracell batteries supplies good life and high performance of your application. It is chargeable and non-chargeable variations available. The chargeable batteries are economical than any other primary ones. There are two types of Duracell batteries primary and secondary batteries.

Duracell is the World’s No. 1 Brand – performance guaranteed! Duracell remote controls, wii remotes, CD players, portable gaming systems, smoke alarms, toys, clocks and radios. Duracell rechargeable battery has a higher density, and therefore more time and less recharging may need to be used. Furthermore, high power storage capacity, these batteries such as digital cameras, gaming devices, MP3 players, etc. compatible, requiring high power outputs which are best suited for high-drain electronic devices.